Think of an age. Do you have it?

Well for us it`s 24, this is the average age of our team and we are proud of it. They say, find something that you love doing and you won’t be working for a single day in your life. Well this love-falling happen at a very early age and it’s still going strong.

Growing up was all digital, it’s only natural adulthood to be the same. We are a team of young digital natives who are not afraid NO SIR! to engage in brave ideas. We tackle challenges and discover new ways to enrich the mobile environment. But talk is cheap, we are doers so we experiment, try, fall, get up, break stuff, build again and never surrender until perfection radiates from every pixel.

We strive to create entertaining mobile applications that shake off the daily dullness.

As a young team we do enjoy crafting games just as our pride&joy VoltRush, but we aim for much more.

Our goal will always be to create apps that help people. And to do so we go by our six digital commandments:

It`s easy to jump to a solution but it`s a lot more safer to bridge to it. With deep market experience and proven techniques we gather information to develop a clear and sturdy path for a successful mobile app.
We develop useful and beautiful Apps in an orderly manner. Because in chaos we create but in order we preserve. After we have evaluated an idea we build a strategy that defines design and development.
It is not just how it looks, it's also how it makes you feel working with it. And using something that looks good makes you use it better. Our team of designers meticulously craft every pixel so the UI and UX are as natural as if the App has always been there and will continue to be.
How do you imagine your idea`s execution? iOS or Android? How about both! We can build from the byte up a custom cross-platform apps.
The criteria for quality and customer satisfaction we use is ourselves. If we like what we have done, others should try it also. We know that every iteration has the potential to perfect our work that's is why we always test and retest everything.
Phones constantly change, apps should also do. We are aware of the lifecycle of an app and we know that work never ends. Apps are not made to blow everybody alway for a month or so, they are build to advance, to endure time, trends and updates. We make apps, we support them and expect them to make us proud, doesn't that sound familiar?

You are the best electrician around and it’s all fuses and light bulbs until electricity turns on you. What do you do then?


Go up the power poles to escape the deadly current.

Jump between the three poles to avoid the electricity and to collect coins and power-ups. Look out for pesty birds, never stop ascending and don’t get shocked!

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We are ready for work, how about you?